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ficlet: harry potter: the white birds (rabastan/narcissa)

the white birds.
harry potter ; rabastan/narcissa. 529 words, pg.
she'd been waiting for this moment for years.
for 7spells. prompt: "the white birds". prompt table is here.

She'd been waiting for this moment for years. This is the lesson she'd been anxiously waiting for since it was first mentioned in her third year.

Narcissa was seventeen now and she was standing with the other 7th year Slytherins in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Professor Gillyround had just finished his final lecture on the Patronus Charm and now he was walking around the room, encouraging students to concentrate on their happiest memory as they cast the charm.

"It's one of the most difficult charms to perform, but you are all excellent students. I have complete confidence that you will all be successful with this after a few more lessons," he said as he paused to help Lisa Clearwater with her wrist movements.

At this point, only three students had succeeded today and Narcissa was determined to be the next. She sorted through her memories for a few minutes, searching until she found the one that she knew wouldn't fail her.

Every part of her brain was clinging to that memory, trying to relive the best moment of her life so far. Shoulders pulled back, wand raised. Her tongue pressed the words against the roof of her mouth. "Expecto patronum!" A string of white light came from the tip of her wand and formed a rather large dove.

She suppressed a smile as Professor Gillyround exclaimed, "Wonderful, Miss Black, just wonderful!" He stopped beside her to watch the bird circle the room above their heads. It couldn't have been more than a few seconds before it was met by another identical bird and necks twisted to get a look at who cast the second Patronus.

Rabastan was leaning against a table, wand still aimed at the ceiling as he watched his Patronus race around the room with its twin. His expression was unreadable, as usual. Narcissa's was a mixture of surprise and disbelief.

"Curious," Professor Gillyround murmured, his eyes moving away from Rabastan and back to the birds. "I don't think I've ever seen identical Patronuses before."

Narcissa didn't usually mind being the center of attention, but the sniggers and muffled whispers made her more uncomfortable than she thought possible. Thankfully, some of the attention seemed to move to Derek Thomas as his lion-shaped Patronus came from the end of his wand.

Shifting slightly, Narcissa broke her charm and tucked her wand back into her bag. When she looked up, Rabastan was slipping his wand into his pocket and slinging his school bag over his shoulder.

To be honest, she wasn't quite sure what to make of them having the same Patronus. Not just a similar one, but exactly the same. She thought it might be because they'd spent most of their lives together. Their families had been friendly since before she could remember and they'd been extremely close since their first year. They spent a lot of their time together, they read the same books, they took the same classes. Their birthdays were only days apart. They knew each other better than their own parents did. It made perfect sense that their Patronuses would be the same.

And then Rabastan caught her eye, a small smirk settling on his lips, and she wasn't so sure anymore.

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