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fic: harry potter: near the sea (rabastan/narcissa)

near the sea.
harry potter ; rabastan/narcissa. 966 words, pg-13.
there was something to be said about being near the sea.
for 7spells. prompt: "the sea". prompt table is here.

Perhaps it was the salty smell of the sea that drew her in. Or it might have been the way the sand felt beneath her feet or the sound of the waves washing up on the shore. In her opinion, there was so much to love about spending a week on the beach during the summer holidays. As much as she liked living in Salisbury, there was something to be said about being near the sea.

Narcissa breathed in the warm evening air, salt clinging to the taste buds on her tongue. A light breeze blew through her blonde curls and made them dance around her shoulders. She felt a shift in the sand beneath her feet as he came walking toward her from the house a kilometer or so to the east. He stood behind her, warm hands resting on her waist before pulling so that her back was flush against his chest.

"Rabastan," she said, her tone warning. She couldn't stop herself from craning her neck to see if anyone was looking out the windows.

"My parents joined your parents in London a few minutes ago. They're having dinner with the Minister and his wife."

Narcissa was still stiff and unwilling to relax until she knew for sure that everyone was busy with their own affairs.

When they started this little... thing a few months ago, they had both agreed that it was best to keep it quiet. Neither wanted the heavy weight of expectations that came with their families knowing that the time they spent together was spent as more than friends.

Over the years, they came to share pretty much everything. Narcissa had never gotten along well with the other girls and Rabastan chose not to be friendly with more than a handful of people. They became friends by chance, really. Their parents ran in the same circles and the two of them were close in age, so they were constantly being thrown together when the situation called for it. Thankfully, their personalities complimented each other and they quickly learned that they had too much in common not to be friends. Now they shared everything: notes, books, advice. There was nothing one couldn't say to the other. But, more importantly, there was so much that was just understood between the two of them, so many things they didn't need to actually say out loud.

So, when Rabastan approached her in one of the few isolated areas of the library after dinner a few months ago and put a hand on the back of her neck before sliding his fingers up until they reached her hairline, Narcissa didn't even think to ask him what he was doing. He kissed her and sighed into her mouth like he'd been thinking about doing this for years. Her lips still tingled at the memory. There was nothing quite like being kissed by him.

After a few more seconds passed, she asked, "What about Bella and Rodolphus?"

"They kicked me out of the house and said I needed to keep an eye on you, so they're obviously busy," he said, smirking as he took a step forward, which forced her to do the same.

Narcissa rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to say something about Rodolphus not being able to keep his hands off her sister since they got married when Rabastan took another step forward. "I really hope that you're not doing what I think you're doing," she said as they continued approaching the large body of water in front of them.

"What do you think I'm doing?" he asked, his voice filled with false innocence.

She didn't even have time to answer him before the waves came crashing toward them, water washing over their feet. Letting out a small gasp at the way the water made her veins feel like they were filling with ice, she turned in his arms and tried to get out of the water before the next wave crashed onto the beach.

He only laughed, releasing her from his grip as she tried to move toward dry sand. He walked behind her, ignoring the way she muttered about ruined shoes under her breath.

"Why do you have to be such a prat?" she finally asked as she turned around to face him. It actually didn't bother her that he was so playful. She usually preferred a little more warning than what he'd given her, but there was a part of her that thought his carefree attitude toward certain things was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the people she knew. Even she could be quite stiff at times. Fortunately, he has always been the person that managed to bring out a different, slightly relaxed side of her when no one else was there to see it.

Rabastan smiled, shallow dimples appearing in his cheeks. "I thought you liked that about me," he teased, reaching a hand up to tuck a loose curl behind her ear.

"You wish," she replied wryly, her gaze flickering from the water behind him to the flecks of green in his hazel eyes.

Chuckling, he leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her lips. He tasted like a dangerous mixture of mint, smoke, and salt. His hands fell down her back to grip her hips and keep her close. A swarm of butterflies invaded her stomach, bouncing off the walls like there wasn't enough room to fit them all. She loved and hated that he made her feel completely out of control of her own body. It reacted to him without her brain's permission and craved things she felt it shouldn't.

"Missed me, have you?" Rabastan murmured after she broke the kiss for air. Her lips curved up into a smile against his neck in response.

There is certainly something to be said, something wonderful to be said, about being near the sea.

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