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¤ brittany: american, realist, perfectionist, procrastinator, homebody, english major. loyal, passionate, determined, sarcastic, stubborn, ambitious, tenacious, resourceful, intelligent, impatient, forgives but doesn't forget, dreams of traveling the world. loves the unexpected, boys that aren't good for her, hot chocolate, photography, words, skeleton keys, homemade apple pie, tattoos, anthropology, sunglasses, plaid shirts, literature, historical and fantasy television shows, google, lists, magazines, learning about world war ii, reading european legends and grime's fairytales, fantasy novels, and falling love with fictional characters.

ϟ fandoms: a song of ice and fire (bk1-bk4)/game of thrones, criminal minds, doctor who (s5-s6), downtown abbey, friday night lights, gemma doyle series, gilmore girls, glee, gossip girl (s1), grey's anatomy (s1-s6), harry potter, how i met your mother, law & order: svu, lost, misfits, never let me go, once upon a time, one tree hill, sons of anarchy, supernatural (s1-s5), the borgias, the chronicles of narnia, the secret life of the american teenager, the tudors (s1-s2), the vampire diaries, titanic, women of the otherworld.

♥ ships: adam/savannah, amy/rory, barney/robin, brooke/julian, cesare/lucrezia, chuck/blair (s1), clay/quinn, clayton/elena, damon/elena, dean/jo, derek/meredith, draco/astoria, draco/hermione, eddard/catelyn, eleven/amy, elijah/elena, felicity/simon, gemma/clay, gemma/tig, harry/hermione, harry/luna, harry/pippa, henry viii/anne, jack/kate, james/lily, jax/tara, jeremy/elena, jess/rory, jon/arya, jon/daenerys, justin/rebecca, kartik/gemma, kevin/scotty, logan/rory, lucius/narcissa, mark/lexie, marshall/lily, matt/caroline, matt/julie, matthew/mary, nathan/haley, peter/susan, puck/quinn, puck/rachel, ricky/amy, robert/kitty, sawyer/juliet, sawyer/kate, seth/kitty, simon/alisha, sirius/lily, stefan/elena, sybil/tom, tim/lyla, tyler/caroline, william/kate.

♣ people: adam levine, amy adams, arthur darvill, boyd holbrook, candice accola, catherine the duchess of cambridge, clémence poésy, daniel radcliffe, darren criss, dianna agron, emilia clarke, emma watson, gaspard ulliel, henry cavill, ian somerhalder, jensen ackles, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, josh holloway, karen gillan, kit harington, leighton meester, mandy moore, mark wahlberg, matt smith, nina dobrev, prince henry of wales, prince william of wales & the duke of cambridge, richard madden, sophia bush, steven r. mcqueen, tom felton.

♪ music: a fine frenzy, colbie caillait, crash kings, david cook, glee cast, ingrid michaelson, kelly clarkson, maroon 5, matt nathanson, michael bublé, onerepublic, parachute, sara bareilles, the beatles, tom felton.

♣ admires: elena michaels's confidence & don't-take-any-bullsh*t attitude, emma watson's everything, eric & tami taylor's marriage, hermione granger's brain, j.k. rowling's creativity, jensen ackles' sense of humor, karen gillan's hair, matt smith's fez, sirius black's loyalty, sophia bush's smile, the doctor's bow tie.

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