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A Great And Terrible Beauty
Harry Potter
Sons of Anarchy
Women of the Otherworld


Never Kiss And Tell (Gemma/Kartik)
     He pulls the comb from my unruly red hair and it tumbles down my back, allowing him to tangle his fingers in it as he pulls me closer.


A Dozen White Roses (Sirius/Lily, James/Lily)
     If only there was a cure for broken hearts, he thought to himself, but at least they’d always have white roses.

Come In With The Rain (Scorpius/Rose)
     The two stumbled back up to the school, the umbrella and her copy of hogwarts, a history long forgotten.

Drabbles (Various)
     Her shoulder was pressed against his chest when she felt him chuckle softly, his warm breath causing the small hairs on her neck to stand on end.

Four Kisses Draco Stole (And One He Didn't Have To) (Draco Malfoy)
     Draco was promising things he had no control over. He always did that when he wasn't sure if things would end in his favor.

Harder To Breathe (Draco/Hermione)
     She could barely breathe and she knew she couldn't take the close proximity of his body, his hands, his mouth for much longer.

Lost Amongst Our Winnings (Harry/Hermione)
     She pulls him from the past and sets his feet firmly on the ground of the present, just as she always has.

Near The Sea (Rabastan/Narcissa)
     Perhaps it was the salty smell of the sea that drew her in.

Silent Night (Draco/Asteria)
     As she rubbed her palms and fingertips over his pointed shoulder blades, Asteria whispered a breathless "Merry Christmas" against his lips.

The White Birds (Rabastan/Narcissa)
     She'd been waiting for this moment for years.

You Try So Hard To Remember What It Feels Like To Be Alive (Lily Evans)
     It's gotten to the point where you cry every time he leaves. "This time could be the last time," you always say.


Feels Like Home (Sawyer/Kate)
     There were too many times when Kate would wake up in the middle of the night with the taste of fish biscuits on her tongue and the scent of smoke in her nostrils.

In The Silence (Jack/Kate)
     Jack wonders what this would look like to an outsider, to someone that didn't know all that they'd been through.

Let's Start At The Beginning (Kate, Jack, Sawyer)
     "I don't believe in coincidence, sweetheart." He's got this mischievous gleam in his eyes and she can't help the smile that tugs at the corners of her lips.


Coming Soon!


Five Reasons Jasper Wants Bella To Be A Vampire (Jasper/Bella)
     And he knows that this is why he needs edward to change her. Because he knows he won't make it through the funeral of the girl he secretly loves.

Drabbles (James, Bella, Alice, Rosalie)
     Her screams are swallowed by the dense fog. No one is coming for her; she won't be saved.

Waiting On The World To Change (Jacob/Bella)
     When he orders the ice cream cones, he remembers your favorite flavor and how you like two scoops, because one just isn't enough.

Wreck Of The Day (Various)
     Choose life, he begs. Choose me. / Angels always fall in the end. / She'll never forget his battle scars.


Coming Soon!

Disclaimer: Characters don't belong to me unless stated otherwise (such as original fiction pieces or original characters I add into my fanfiction). No copyright infringement is intended. I'm just playing with someone else's toys in their sandbox.

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